Memberships (New Memberships Temporarily Suspended)

Our Memberships are a great way to get the best deals and save money. If you truly enjoy painting and being your most creative self, then this is a fantastic option for you or your family!


Single Membership: $64.99/year

Includes one membership card and 15 additional studio passes to bring guests.

Duo Membership: $99.99/year

Covers 2 people

Includes 2 membership cards and 15

additional studio passes to bring guests

Family Membership: $129.99/year

Covers 4 friends or family members

Includes 2 membership cards to share

(Additional Membership cards up to 4 are $3.50 each)

20 additional studio passes to bring guests.

(Lost cards $3.50 to replace)

Renewing members can get 10% off their membership when they renew within 14 days of expiration. 


Paid memberships receive the following benefits:

  • Free studio fees

  • 15% discount on all bisque piece

  • A bundle of studio passes to bring guests!