Studio Fees:

Adults (18+): $8.00 per day

Kids (17-): $5.00 per day

Seniors: $4.00 per day

Studio fees include all paints, supplies used, brushes, clear glazing and firing in the kiln. There is no limit to the amount of projects done or paints used!


Our pieces range in prices anywhere from $6.00 for very small items to $120.00+ for very large projects.

Below are some approximations for popular categories:

Kids Items: Include Tiny Tots, small figurines, and many animals.

$15.00 and under

Kitchenware: From mugs and bowls to obscure serving pieces!

$12.00 - $35.00 (avg. approx. $20)


Decorative: We have many decorative items that we rotate seasonally

$25.00 - $45.00+

Stoneware: Check out our stoneware page for more info!

$30.00 - $55.00


Pricing does not reflect costs of all items, there may be some outliers.